On this day I became teary as sorrow filled my heart, on that day pain befell, in that very hour our Joy was taken away, is what the tongue spoke as days passed since the onset of the novel Corona Virus. In a time when the voices that we never thought would be heard, a time when the world is in economic turmoil, a time when the black voice is fisted to the hearts of the global community, a time when social vices reign during a time capsule that was crucial to replicate our human innate virtues. This project comes to reflect on the social changes and emotional rides the people have been going through. The brutality, the rape cases, the addictions, the gender-based violence, the embezzlement of funds and the increase in the unemployment curve that brought depression with it. Could the grass possibly be greener?

This project sets to create an escape from all the happenings. It is a reflection of the implications of Covid19 to our society and the globe at large. It aims to trigger the emotions of the consumers for them to understand the depth of the issues. We are all affected and our hearts weep in pain yet we choose to keep quiet. Yes, it might not be us at the moment, it might not be our family members but imagine a society where your child grows to have to run away from what they were taught would keep them safe. The project aims to express the joyful pain that is the smile of a crying soul. It will aim to discourage double standards and motivate individuals to stand up for what is right. At the end of it all, we shall overcome together for we are #MaskedbutUnsilenced

The model shows the African pain where rape is on the rise among other depicted challenges. In a ‘utopian’ society where the system only works theoretically with the very leaders that promised the people positive change yet, they are not there for them. In this set, the model’s face is not facially detailed, as a sign that it is indeed our responsibility as a society to take care of each other and not just one gender. This set is aimed to sensitize society to come together for a positive change.
This set seeks to show how different classes of people have different lives. The model has two sides, one clean and one dirty. One is mistreated and one that has to give a kind of incentive to live a better life. At the end of the day, we all have to suffer economically or physically. It is a show that we need to hold each other’s hand. Even when it’s hard to live in a perfect society let’s teach the youthful generation to learn to come together even in our differences. This set seeks to bring the society together for the betterment of us all, hence the two faces of both sides dominated by the one facing forward.
This set is a tribute to the lives lost from police brutality. The roses and the cloth-covered with blank green cards represent the lost lives. They are blank as it can happen to anyone. The box is a representation of how we have the power to elect our leaders yet we sometimes fail to exercise it. This set aims to create awareness to the youth to be knowledgeable of their rule of governance as it is the very aspect that influences their livelihood. A set that aims to evoke more emotions. 
A set that seeks to show every individual that it’s our task to enforce change. It starts with us. The model is a silhouette holding a flower that is colourfully visible. It is a show of how we are our own enemy but love conquers all and we need to tap into that to bring that change we want. We should not hide it and learn that the change we want starts with us. 

Let’s unlearn the negatives and take this journey towards positivity for we are #MaskedbutUnsilenced.

The team:

Concept/creative direction @__mulei
Models @uciu_nuu
Photographer @ogetoevans
MUA/SFX @flor_sfx
Retoucher @otienonyadimo
Studio space United pictures

socialchange #pamojatwaweza #mentalhealthawareness

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