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Fam, it has been a long break. Not just a break rather a forced one. How are you guys doing? I hope you are keeping safe.

Technically I have been working on this new website since April and I’m very happy we are ready to go now. Good news is that at least we are not changing this site again, it will take a long time. On a different day I will tell you my websites story, it is one to look forward to from con website designers and now where I have to do everything by myself.

This is more like welcome back guys.

Not so much has been happening especially with the current Covid -19 situation, the hardest hit has been us in the events industry. 80% of what keeps me busy has always been either those corporate events or social events. What to do? we have to make more and more content……

The team:

Models: Noni Muthoni and Justkaninte (above has link to their instagram handles)

Creative director and Photography : Evans Ogeto

Creative retoucher: Creative Retouchers (same handle on instagram)

This was more like it, will be sharing more of these studio moments, keep it here.

Thank you and stay blessed.