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Have you ever seen wild animals just having the time of their lives without a care in the world? It’s truly the epitome of beauty and freedom. While we’re caught up dealing with wars, politics, Maandamano and everyday stressors, these creatures are simply enjoying life. They are the true kings of having fun!

However, it’s heart-wrenching to think about how we are destroying their landscapes for our own gain. It’s especially frustrating to see people scrambling for ivory and other resources, just to finance their own wars and personal interests. We’re killing off entire generations of animals for what? Money and power?

When I was a young boy in the Village of Nyamware, a gentleman once conned my grandmother off her hard-earned money. Grandma in all her majesty and wisdom told the guy ‘may you never find peace with my money’.

And so I say ‘may you never find peace with the poaching proceeds’

As I sit here and ponder, I can’t help but feel lost for words. But let’s take a moment to appreciate these amazing creatures and what they bring to our world. We need to do better and make a change. We must find ways to protect and enhance their habitats, so they can continue to enjoy their lives just like we do.
Take a step back and ask yourself, what can you do to make their lives better? We have already caused so much damage, but it’s not too late to make a difference.
#ProtectWildlife #PreserveTheirHabitat #MakeADifference#wildlifeconservation

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